GASFRAC Energy Services inc.

Patented LPG gel fracturing technology: It’s waterless. It’s safe. And it stimulates much higher reservoir production.

GASFRAC’s proven, advanced gelled LPG technology replaces conventional water-reliant fracturing methods.

First, there’s no water. It’s a Liquefied Petroleum Gas gel that is as natural to a well as soil is to the earth. Soluble in formation hydrocarbons, it improves performance without using water.

Second, it's safe. We've developed a zero-oxygen, closed system and specialized equipment that protects worker safety, eliminates post-job cleanup and requires only minimal flaring that can be reduced to zero given the appropriate recapture facilities.

Third, it produces more. The ability to quickly recover 100% of the fracturing fluid results in enhanced oil and gas recovery, longer sustained production, and the ability to recapture, reuse or resell—a highly cost-effective benefit, especially for multi-stage horizontal wells.

Explore even more advantages of our safer energy solutions or contact us today to change the future of your well recovery.